Severe Weather

Winter Conditions - Severe Weather opening.

Winter Conditions - Severe Weather opening.

During severe weather conditions the staff at Chuckles will endeavour to support working parents and remain open.

We will update this site during severe weather conditions to enable parents to access closure information.

Families with children at Chuckles are encouraged to check this site or telephone us at the nursery for up to date information on closure.

We haven't had to close yet!

As some of the staff live in a rural area they may experience difficulty travelling towork.However they have been committed to providing a consistent provision for families which has meant that since opening in 2008 Chuckles has not had to close for the day due to bad weather.

The staff and families have always been able to work closely together to minimise the risks of travelling in a rural county. Employing local staff has enabled us to continue to offer care and with some parents chosing to finish work slightly earlier in the day the staff and children have been ableto travel home safely.

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