You can use a range of vouchers to pay for child care at Chuckles.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare Vouchers

The cost of childcare can be reduced by using childcare vouchers which are exempt from tax and national insurance.

At Chuckles we work in partnership with various child care voucher providers. We currently redeem vouchers from a number of voucher schemes. Some are listed below with links to their websites.

Employees can have part of their wages deducted before tax to purchase childcare vouchers.

Employers can select from a range of childcare voucher schemes. Deductions may be transferred into paper vouchers or held in a specific account. Contact your employer to find out how it will work for you .

Both Parents can join!

All eligible parents can exchange part of their salary for tax free and NI exempt Childcare Vouchers and use these to pay for care in a registered child care provision You may need to quote our Ofsted registration number EY366490.

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