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Chuckles Sessions and charges

Chuckles Sessions

At chuckles there are a number of options to suit different families needs and budgets. We also offer Early Education Grant Funded sessions for 2 to four year olds.

The day at Chuckles starts at 8.00am. However as we have found that some families prefer a later start we have session charges that commence at 9.15.

As some families children have older brothers or sisters at the local primary school we offer the option of a 3.15 finish so that everyone can go home for tea together. - Or we can give them tea and they can have more fun until 5.15 to fit in with Mum or Dad at work.!

All sessions include a mid morning snack and a two course hot lunch -freshly prepared in our kitchens.
The snack tea is served between 3.45 and at 4.45 pm.

If your family needs a later finish the session can be extended. We close at 5.45pm Monday to Thursday and at 5.30pm on Friday.

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